Finished new build - a few problems some more serious than others

It went relatively smoothly, posted, installed Win 7, OS on a 128GB SSD. Ran into a few problems.

1. The power switch doesn't work but I can turn the rig on from the MB. I know I have it wired up wrong but I was pretty careful installing the small connections grouped together on the MB. Is this just a matter of trial and error to fix?

2. I am trying to install a 1TB HDD Seagate Barracuda 7299.12 SATA drive. I purchased a bare drive. The bios sees it but windows does not. I can find it as a drive in device manager. Win won't give me the options to initialize the drive so I can format. Any suggestions

3 Probably my biggest obstacle is the inability to get on the Internet so I can get everything updated (Win 7 etc.). My older computer has nor problem with the connection via the cable modem. I basically plugged all the connection into the new machine but it does not see the modem. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 1. You must have the power switch wired wrong. Go back to your manual and double check the placement of the PWR and make sure it's in the right place (if it is, try turning it the other way).

    2. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management and see if your Barracuda is in there waiting to be allocated and formatted. If not, check your cable connections.

    3. After you plug into your cable modem, unplug the cable modem from the wall, take the coax cable off, wait 10 seconds, then coax on, power on. It might have the old computer MAC address in it so it doesn't allow the new computer access. Resetting will reset this.
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    Scott is correct, im just going to add a little more detail. On the motherbord the lines of pins are usually in 2 rows, the small connectors will plug in crossways 1 pin on the top row and 1 pin on the bottom row, THIS is incorrect! the pliugs need to be on the same row and also have an oreintation + and - that need to be followed also I have found that once you plug one in the right way all the writing on the plugs face the same way to keep your orientation correct.

    Best way to get to computer management is to click on start then right click on computer and select manage from the drop down, once in computer management down toward the bottom is disk management, click on disk management and look for your 1 tb drive, in the left column where your drives name and letter are right click and initialize the drive, format/partiton it if desired and you will be ready to go.

    If resetting the cable modem does not work, press the windows key and tap the pausebreak key "upper right of the keyboard" this brings up the system properties applet, in the upper left click on device manager and make sure all your drivers are loaded correctly and there are not and yellow question marks, exclimation points or red x'es in the list.
  3. Thanks Scottie and Tremec,
    Found the drive and formatted it. I am good to go.
    I will have another go at the pins this evening. My boss has other plans for me at the moment. Likewise with the Modem. I may have to reset the router as well and want to have enough time to babysit the process.

    One other item I could use some advice on concerns USB 3.0. The HAF 932 case has 2 available on the front. However, my ASRock mother board does not have a connector I can plug into. Is there anything I can do about this or just live without until I upgrade the MB in the future.

    Regards to all, the help is much appreciated.
  4. You'll have to live without unless you can find a PCI card that has internal USB 3 connectors to hook to.
  5. Thanks for all the help with this. I straightened out the pin situation, found the HDD thanks to the good directions. I downloaded a bunch of drivers from ASRock to my laptop and installed on the new machine. The internet magically appeared.

    Now on to updating drivers and testing the system. What a fun day this is!

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