Looking for PC case to satisfy my ati 4870x2 and my wife

Hi all

I’m looking for a pretty pc case that will fit in ati 4870x2 card and Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme CPU Cooler. Size is crucial, the smaller the better but with good venting solution. I can cut some parts out if required as long as I don’t have to cut the hole in front of the case. My wife give me choice between changing pc case because its to big, and after I have explain to her why its so big she added… or change the graphic card. At the moment I have dell xps 710 case which I converted from btx to atx (did a nice work and I’m proud) but this case is huge, and do not fit under any desk. To be precise D-570 H-560 W-220
She did say NZXT Whisper look nice but I didn’t mention the size of it so it’s off the list, it’s pricy too. I’m looking for cheap, slick and not over the top preferably white. Any advice?

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  1. NZXT Gamma
    NZXT Source
    Corsair 300R
  2. Was lthinking of Coolermaster Silencio 550 look or fractal design r3 where you don't see dvd socket. but FD is a bit pricy for me.
    Casecom Shiny White look nice.

    NZXT Source was a option if not the visible dvd bays
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