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I had a system using a Phenom II X4 (940 I believe but not quite sure) on an AM2 class motherboard Gigabyte MA790X-UDP4.

The motherboard got fried.

I did a little shopping around and found the ASRock 970 Extreme 3 which has support for AM3 processors and lists the Phenom II X4 as being supported.

When I try to insert the CPU in the socket, I feel that the pins align but the CPU doesn't drop in the socket. I have carefully applied a small amount of pressure on the CPU to "encourage" it to drop in but, to no avail.

Can someone confirm for me that the Phenom II which was originally installed in an AM2 socket can be installed in an AM3 socket ?

Thank you for your help, very much appreciated.
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    the phenom II x4 940 is actually an AM2+ CPU, it should work in AM2+ and AM3 mobos.

    the Asrock 970 is an AM3+ mobo. it does not support the phenom II x4 940 or any other AM2+ CPU, it does support the AM3 version of that CPU called the phenom II x4 945

    support list

    more information on sockets AM2/+/AM3
  2. ct1615,

    Thank you a million for the clear explanation and confirmation of what I suspected but wasn't sure.

    you've been a great help.
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