Need some tiny help

Hi, this is what I got picked out for my less then $600 build OS, Monitor and all.

Intel pentium G850
G.Skill 4GB (1x4GB)
HIS Radeon HD 6770 1GB
Western Digital Caviar Blue 250Gb
Cooler Master haf 912
Antec VP-450 450w
Samsung DVD burners

This is what I would want to change, the PSU to be a modular for very easy routing. I was going to say a i3 but I'm going to wait for Black Friday, does anyone think CPUs such as the i3 ivy bridges well be on sale? My monitor that I picked out is a HP 1600 x 900 Res. $90 not refurbished. I'm going to changed the BIOSTAR to ASrock LGA 1155 MoBo, since I will probably buy a ivy bridge.

Can anyone give me a link to a 420W Modular PSU? I can't find one... :\ I have my HDD at 250GB because of cost...
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  1. I'm thinking that depending on what you're looking to do with this computer, you might want to save a bit more, as I assume based on your age you're looking for a gaming system. You could do a lot better for say.. 700-900? Especially if you're planning on waiting til black friday to do the build.

    Modular PSUs actually aren't that great in my opinion. (again, this is my opinion not a fact) and are better off avoided. No, you probably wont find any by a reputable brand at that relatively low wattage rating. Its not that difficult to zip tie the unused wires to stash them out of the way.

    As far as your OS, do you know anyone in college? I get Windows 7 for free. Many colleges offer this to students. While its technically not allowed to share it.. Even my tenured professors informed us of this with a *wink wink, nudge nudge* That would save you some money and allow you to get some better hardware.
  2. My budget is around $600, I'm not sure about waiting for Black Friday I'd get a discounted LCD Monitor... Also I guess I'll go with the PSU I'm with right now but I hear routing the wires in a haf 912 case is fairly easy. As for the OS My sister is going to a state University, would I just ask my sister to ask her professor for free copy of WIN7? And is it Home Premium? I was going to get WIN7 at a different website were I'd get it for like $20 off. If I got $99 off my build I would get a i3-2100 with a 6870.
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