PC restarting on shutdown

hello guyz

i have the following system

HP dc5750 Micro Tower
athlon x2 4800+
2gb DDR2 (512@533mhz+512@533mhz+1024@800mhz)
80gb HDD
HD 5670 gddr5 512mb

the problem that i spotted is when ever i turn my computer off by ANY means like:

1- pressing the off switch anywhere even at the startup screen (HP LOGO)
2-selecting shutdown (conventional shutdown)

pc just restarts .

i've disabled all the "wake on blah blah" options from bios,
1-wake up from mouse
2-wake up from lan

I googled the issue there are people who say its cuz of temps going too high :o

but fortunately thats not the case with me , i play games, surf net with no problem its just when i tell the damn thing to power itself off it just doesn't do it . and i've to pull the plug . and i feel bad about this.

thnx for reading and also advance thnx for answering
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  1. bump :s
  2. :pfff: after so many bumping bumps .

    gravely dissapointed by the community's response. i xpected much from tom's

    :whistle: but any how i fixed my issue by myself

    posting it so other lost souls can benefit from it too. here its what i did

    reseated the cmos battery , if u think its somewhat risky so i assure u its not UNLESS u are getting CMOS related errors before reseating

    its a simple procedure, it fixed mine i hope it helps u aswell :D

    so after 4weeks finally the issue is fixed thanx to MEEE :bounce: :sarcastic: :bounce: :na: :bounce:
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