Radeon 6850 1 gb with i3 sandy bridge and 4 gb ram

Hi all,

just assembled a new PC with Radeon 6850 hd 1 gb video card, i3 sandy bridge processor and 4 gb ram with h61 mobo. can someone guide me to optimum settings for this 6850 card when i am outputting to 1080 p hd tv. i watch movies and streaming shows and also play skyrim on it. the graphics dont look so good as my older 3500 series radeon. any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Are you wanting to over clock (OC) the 6850? You can down load some programs that will help you get the best optimum settings. Here is MSI afterburner.

  2. the 68500 is far far far better than your old one it will look better LOL.
  3. Change all the ccc options to quality. I'm assuming you're using hdmi? Was the 3500 using the same tv? Any other details on what exactly doesn't look as good may help.
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