I3-2100 showing hd 1000, not 2000 by CPU-z

First build, and the disappointing part was 5.1 wei graphics score (gaming graphics 5.8). I installed CPU-z, and it shows Intrl HD Graphics 1000 (GT1), core 850 MHz, 1809 MBytes.
Naturally, I want HD 2000- any help?
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  1. cpu-z is most likley confused. in any case windows experience is meaningless. I'm actually shocked it rated it that high. HD2000 is for extremely basic general purpose stuff. you're not going to be doing any sort of gaming on it at all
  2. unksol said:
    you're not going to be doing any sort of gaming on it at all

    Depends on whether or not OP can live with things like WoW and D3 running at 20fps even at 1280x800.

    Getting a discrete GPU later is always an option when one doesn't want to spend on one for whatever reason for the time being.
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    i get the same reading in both cpu-z and gpu-z (intel 1000)
    however getting hardware info 64 will spec it to HD 2000

    you're fine.
  4. CPU-z has been know to show incorrect information.

    Sandy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs has either the Intel HD 2000 or Intel HD 3000 graphic core. The Sandy Bridge Pentiums have the Intel HD 1000 graphic core.
  5. Pardon the obvious question, but are you using an up-to-date version of CPU-Z? Version 1.56 added support for Sandy Bridge, and the latest is v1.60 at
  6. First of all I wouldn't put much into the Windows Index Experience it's pretty useless and doesn't effectively tell you how good (or bad) your computer really is. You want to know how good you computer really is use benchmarking software and benchmark it. Secondly most of the time CPU-Z is right but I have seen it give wrong info on a CPU. Try GPU-Z and see what that says.
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  8. Many thanks, guys. HWINFO64 recognizes my graphics as HD2000. I wanted to build a living room PC comparable to a ready-built, for $300 including OS. My wife and I mostly use our new tablets and '07-era upgraded laptops. I was able to do it for $300, but little things like input devices and cables required a downgrade from the i3-2125 to the i3-2100 in order to make budget. Now I'll explore the PC's potential for a few months before deciding whether to jump to HD4000 or add a card.
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