TEW-639GR router cannot connect to with my XP laptops via DHCP

TEW-639GR XP computers cannot connect via DHCP
My XP laptops cannot connect to my TEW-639GR router over wifi. I get the "Limited or No Connectivity Message". The same 2 XP laptops can connect if they are wired without problems.
My Ubuntu computer can connect to wifi and wired without problem.
"Limited or No Connectivity" usually means a DHCP problem in XP. I have DHCP turned on on my router.
This problem did not immediately start when I first set up the TEW-639GR. It happened infrequently on my XP laptops initially for about 2 months but now it happens all the time.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do a factory reset of the router and see if it clears up (w/ the router powered ON, hold the reset button for 30 secs and then release). If so, it might just be a bug, and it might be fixable (if it's a known problem) w/ a firmware update.
  2. I've done factory reset on the router twice and the firmware is up to date. Any other thoughts?
    Why is it only affecting my Windows XP laptops?
  3. Oh, I assumed you only had XP desktops/laptops, I didn't see any other OSes mentioned.

    Try manually configuring the XP clients, just to see if it now works and so we can verify it's only a DHCP problem.
  4. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my initial post my current setup is:

    TEW-639GR router

    2 Laptops running XP SP3

    1 Laptop running Ubtunu 10.10.

    If the XP laptops are configured for static IP, they will connect to the router. But I am annoyed that DHCP will not work.

    Any other thoughts as to why just my XP computers cannot get an address via DHCP from this particular router? (Went to a friend's house and my same 2 XP laptops connected to his DHCP router just fine which was a different make and model)

  5. Is the Linux laptop using wireless? And if it is, is it able to use DHCP?
  6. Go to one of the XP machines using wireless and DHCP, and create an ipconfig dump (see below). I want to see if you're getting no configuration information at all, vs. only partial or perhaps corrupted information.

    For example, if your ipconfig dump shows a 169.254.x.x IP address, that means DHCP failed completely, no contact occurred at all. OTOH, if the IP address looks valid but the default gateway is missing or corrupted, that would mean DHCP worked but something else went awry, some sort of corruption occurred in the stream or at the point of assignment in XP (it’s quite rare, but I have seen this happen before).

    To create an ipconfig dump, go to a command prompt and type “ipconfig /all >dump.txt” (no quotes). Then copy and paste the contents of dump.txt back to the forum.
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