Ive recently been getting BSOD's after anywhere from 1-6 hours following boot. This usually happens when Im running games (Skyrim mainly), though I had one today where I was just on the desktop.

the first 4 came under the bug check name 'WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR' and were suspected to have stemmed from 'hal.dll' the last one (the one that happened whilst on the desktop) came under 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL' and stemmed from 'ntsoskrnl.exe'

GPU Idle temp: 39-41
CPU idle: 38-45

Im using Nvidia's latest 295.73 drivers, and experienced BSOD's both using these and the ones prior.

Specs in sig.

Any ideas?

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  1. Try running memtest 86+ to verify RAM is good. Its rare for Corsair to go bad but it can happen.

    Also, Prime95 your overclock make sure its at least 8 hours stable using Small FFTs.
  2. Ill give it a go

    My mobo, cpu and ram came as bundle that was professionally over-clocked from, and they stress test it for 12 hours several times, and 2 days ago, I left my PC on for 25 hours for a download and it didnt BSOD once
  3. Well thats interesting.

    The only other thing I have seen cause those types of BSoD is the HDD, but a Corsair SSD going bad? Unless you are consitently writing to it, I doubt it. But running a hardware test on the HDD/SSD wouldn't hurt as well.
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