Wich one of these cases would you recommend?

Hi there!

I´m trying to get a case that will be able to keep running for many years and some builds.

I thought about any of these:

Thermaltake Xaser Vi Full Tower VG4000BNS
Antec Twelve Hundred Atx Full Tower
Cooler Master Haf X Full Tower
Sentey Cyclone Gs-7000
Sentey Burton Extreme Division Tower Case
Sentey Extreme Division GS-6600 Wolf ATX Full Tower

I´m on a budget, but I know that the case is something that I should be paying attention to, and that putting some bucks there is worth it.

So, what do you recommend? Any other in mind?
I´ve read that Sentey isn´t good, but don´t know why...

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions!!!

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  1. haf x rocks!!!!!!!!
  2. I love my Antec 1200.
  3. Outlander_04 said:

    I also agree on the 1100 i have it and love it.
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