Can my mobo run this CPU

I would like to know if my Mobo can run a Amd phenom II x2 550 Black Edition.

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  1. it's on the cpu support list, just make sure you update to the latest bios prior to swapping cpus.
  2. Yep and I agree that its best to upgrade your BIOS to the latest edition.

    Thats a pretty hearty processor youve got there as well. Yeah its a little long in the tooth but its a good overclocker and you might even be able to unlock a core or two. I had a X2 555 and it would hold 4 GHz all day long and unlock to a 3 core. 4th would unlock but wasnt stable. It should be fun to play with for a while.
  3. Yup I looked into it and It seemed like it was worth it, It can unlock to a quad core and it fits my gaming needs. Do you know where I can pick it up at or buy?
  4. Newegg has the 560 going for $95 shipped right now but youre much better off just going with the X4 965 for $105 shipped right now as it has a $15 off promo code good til July 4th.
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