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friends i thought of buying amd raedon 6670 gddr5 1gb,my motherboard is intel dg31pr ,i want to know wheather pci e2.1 x16 cards are supported in pci e 2.0x16 and also wheather gddr5 is supported or not .i also had a second thought of buying amd raedon 5670 gddr5 1gb(because both of them doesnt need 6 pin connector),you can also suggest cards which run on 450w 4pin or without 6pin :)
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  1. yes, its supported and both gpu will work. the 6670 is about 10% faster than the 5670 so you'd have to look at the price.

    I think those 2 cards are your best choices for what you can do without using a 6 pin.
  2. can this cards run upcoming games at low or medium settings
  3. yes these cards will be able to play games at low and medium settings.
  4. thanks esrever
  5. you are welcome, hope you enjoy your new card.
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