Possible video card problem? Crash to blank screen with vertical lines

Ok so Ive been having this problem for a few weeks now. When I play games my computer would randomly crash. At first it was a grey screen with light vertical lines across it, but now it is a white screen with vertical lines. What may be causing this? The computer may sometimes crash within a few minutes, but at others after an hour or more. I opened up my computer and cleaned it of any dust and sorts and still get the same problem. Any help would be incredibly appreciated.

I have a powercolor HD 6870.
I have a xion 700w PSU that came with my computer, it has only 1 12v cable but splits into two 6-pin connectors that I plugged in my card. Is there any chance that may be the problem? Ive had the card for about a month now and it never gave me any problems until now.

I am running the most up to date drivers, hasnt needed an update since I bought the card. Havent moved it either.

Ran afterburner to moniter my gpu temps in game, was playing a run through Bastion when i got another crash. Temps were normal: at an average of 44C.
Another thing i noticed was that the memory would jump from its usual 1050 Mhz down to about 150Mhz randomly. Idk if that means anything but i saw it.
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  1. mmm is probably your PSU... the psu can give your graphich, memory, hd, and almost any random problem... try another one if you can without buy it... and change it because this problem could damage any part of your PC specially the hds
  2. Ok thats what i thought it might be. Was looking to buy an HX850, just wanted confirmation. BTW this is my first post on this sight and I am very pleased by the quick response. Thanks alot =]
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