Msi 890fxa-gd70 w amd fx 4170 ff error

i got this brand new mobo along with an amd fx 4170 and 8 gigs of ram, yet when i pu them all in, i get the ff error and no hard drive led and no picture, yet the fans are running, oh and the ff pulses, it is not solid the whole time.

so far, i have tried reseating cpu, putting 1 stick of ram in slot 4 and other combonations, removing video card, resetting cmos, removing hard drtive entirely, and trying to bot off of a disk

other probs that might cause this

new ram and no other ddr3 to test with
i hav my os already loaded on the hard drive
used it outside of case on a piece of card board

plz help asap
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  1. figured it out, just needed a bios upgrade, and required me to buy a new processor to do that :fou:

    oh, and emailed their tech support, still hear nothing back :ouch:

    why msi, y u no hav tech support :o
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