New rig expectations

Im buying a new rig and i would like to know how many fps i would probably get with this build on BF3 on ultra settings.

intel core i7 2700k @ 4.2ghz
Evga gtx 570 SC 1280mb
Intel DZ68BC motherboard
16GB corsair vengeance 1600
1TB seagate HDD 7200rpm 6.0gb

Dont know wich cooler and wich PSU i should get for this build!
Playing 1920x1080
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  1. It should play on Ultra at 60fps, but it might dip to 45 in heavy fire.
  2. Do you think i should get a AMD 7970 instead of the gtx 570sc or that would be a waste of money?
  3. about the PSU and the Cooler wich ones do you recomend me?
  4. For a single 7970, 650w is good. 850W for 2. Hyper m212 EVO cooler.
  5. The GTX 570 is dead in the water once the 7870 is available .

    I would not buy one unless the price dropped about $50
  6. If you REALLY care about squeezing the last ounce of FPS out of your rig... I would recommend ditching the i7 2700k for an i5 2500k, and splitting the money saved on a water cooler like corsair's H100 or H80 (These are super easy to install - its a out-of-the-box system, plug and play :D ) I own the H100 myself...

    And push you proccessor to 4.6-4.8 gigaherts... whatever youre more comfortable with.

    Dont worry that youre going from a 4 core to a 2 core processor - There is no game out there that can use more then 2 cores... in fact, there are none that can use 2 cores effeciently at all.

    The rest of the money would go into upgrading to the best video card on the market right now the 7970

    Thats what I did anyway. Good luck :D
  7. With graphics cards being the limitation for high resolution gaming at high detail levels OCing a processor is near enough pointless at this time .

    But using a 2500k and a $30 air cooler like the hyper 212 or Xigmatek Gaia makes sense
    That frees money for a better graphics card .
  8. He just asked if to get a 7970... Read the whole topic before replying people...
  9. Thanks to everyone for the answers, about the i5 2500k recommendation, i prefer to stay with i7 CPUs and about going up to 4.8ghz i think its not worth it because it wont affect that much to upgrading many fps in games, the video card is what really matters

    The only things i may change in this build are the graphics card and the mobo since i dont have enough information about the DZ68BC and its overclocking performance (@4.2ghz)
  10. i7 will not help you at all in gaming when it comes down to it. You're paying $120 extra for no benefits.
  11. azeem40 said:
    i7 will not help you at all in gaming when it comes down to it. You're paying $120 extra for no benefits.

    Hence the i5 recommendation ^^

    You really will not miss those 2 additional cores unless you plan to use your machine extensively for overnight Adobe or Autocad / 3D Studio Max renderings...

    Thats just my experience anyway.

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