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Hey guys,

So I have been planning a system build and would like to know your thoughts. My budget is approx 1,000. I have decided to see what the rage is all about with the BD FX8120, and a 990FXA-UD3 mobo, which I plan to cool with a Cooler Master 212 + air cooler. I found a good deal on 12gb (3 - 4gb sticks) ddr3 1600mhz corsair vengeance ram (55 bucks). The graphics card I have been looking at is a Radeon HD 6950 unlocked to be a 6970. HDD's I have not decided on yet. I will just stick a dvd burner from new egg in for an optical drive. No decision on a monitor yet but been favoring a 32in. lcd HDTV. What do you guys think, and what could I expect to reach as far as an overclock goes? I know the 8120 is a very easily overclockable chip, and I have heard that Corsair's Vengence line is also easy to overclock. Thoughts?
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  1. PS... my case is a Cooler Master Storm Enforcer, which has a 200 mm intake fan in front of my drive bays, a 120 mm exhaust fan on the back, and I have installed 2 additional 120 mm fans on the top. Power Supply is a Magnum, that came with the case that will most likely be replaced with a Corsair TX 750 unless you think a 650w would be plenty.
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