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Core i5 and i7 integrated Graphics difference?

Hi, recently I have been in the market for a laptop that is for school and gaming and I have found 2 potential laptops. One has an ivy bridge core i7 processor, and the other has an ivy bridge core i5 processor. Now I am aware that integrated graphics usually suck di- I mean aren't that good for gaming but the new hd 4000 graphics seem to fit my needs (I have a VERY high tolerance for lag as I game on an old 2007 iMac lol) but I was just wondering if there was any performance difference between the i7 integrated graphics and the i5 integrated graphics and if so could I compensate by overclocking or would I have to buy the i7?
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  1. All mobile Ivy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs have the Intel HD 4000 graphic core. You cannot overclock it. It is the same graphic core in all IB CPUs.
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    actually you can overclock the integrated graphics

    though whether its worth it as it will run hotter and may not increase performance by that much is another

  3. I5 = poop integrated graphics performance

    I7 = poop integrated graphics performance
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