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Radeon 6750 Issue

So I ordered an HIS 6750 from newegg. When I Installed it everything was powered up and the fan was spinning on the card, but no display was shown. I'm wondering if the card was DOA or if it's just not comparable with my system. my previous card was a PNY 9800gt 1gb

My motherboard is an Asus P5LP-LE

Can anyone clear the confusion for me? And if this card isn't compatable, how is it not and how can I find out if a card is compatable with my mb?

And if anyone has any suggestions on a decent card for under 120$
I'm upgrading from a 7 series Nvidia so any upgrade will make a difference ;)

Edit: I also tried using two different power supplies, as that was my first diagnostic guess. One 450W and a brand new 600W, so I know that's not the issue.
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  1. you plugged into the card or the motherboard?

    switch and install drivers.
  2. esrever said:
    you plugged into the card or the motherboard?

    switch and install drivers.

    I can't install drivers if no display is popping up.
  3. Would using a DVI to VGA connector be an issue?
  4. are you plugged into the motherboard with your vga?

    if so, plug it into the card and install drivers

    if not, plug into the motherboard and install drivers
  5. I'll try.

    Is there a certain way to plug it into my motherboard? My motherboard says it does have a VGA connection, but it isn't exposed outside of my case. It would be on the upper left of the computer.
  6. plus the computer didn't come with onboard graphics, so this doesn't make sense.
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    oh then nvm. try your old card again.
    sorry. very unlikely its the card but I guess it could be.

    you might be running into the incompatibility of some motherboards with pci 2.1 cards running on pci 1.0 boards. if there are bios updates for your board try installing it.

    If there is nothing you can do to upgrade you'd need to find a pci 2.0 card. try a nvidia card like the 550 ti.
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