NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT Failure

I'm still trying to see if this has already been answered, but here's what happened. I downloaded a beta driver for my NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT, and my system started crashing. I began looking online and found a site that told me to completely uninstall the driver and install the most recent. I tried, but the problems continued.
Finally getting fed up, I figured if I erased the entire NVIDIA folder, the problem would go away after I reinstalled the newest driver. However, Windows can no longer tell the VGA-Compatible Card is NVIDIA, and won't install the driver. Device Manager leads to a message saying the driver to this device has been found, but there was an error preventing installation. NVIDIA's website doesn't seem to have a solution either.
I am continuing to search, but please help lead me in the right direction.
I am currently using a LiveCD of Ubuntu, but my mother, who owns the computer, prefers Windows.

The system I am using is a Gateway.
Model GM5474
Microsoft Vista Home Premium SP2
AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 6000+
NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT
Optical Drive DVD RW Super Multi Drive
500GB Sata II
Dual Channel Memory 2048 MB DDR2
15 in 1 Memory Card Reader
TV Turner
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  1. So were you in windows when you downloaded the driver and installed it or Linux? Can you use system restore?
  2. I was in Windows. I started using the LiveCD in order to even use my computer. I've done two system restores, and those were the only restore points I had. I also tried to disable driver signature enforcement from the F8 menu, but that didn't work.
  3. I have not heard of such a situation so I can only suggest a few things to try.
    Turn off your computer and unplug the power supply , then take out the cmos battery and remove the video card from the slot and wait about 10 minutes. then put everything back and boot up and see if anything changes.
  4. I started to do that, but to even get to the battery I had to unseat the NVIDIA card and another one that I have no idea what it does. Then I had no idea how to remove the battery, so much my tech classes, so I just reseated everything and turned it back on. I forgot to boot to CD, but Windows came up fine and asked to install the card.
    I guess all I had to do was reseat it, because it works now. I also blew out like five years of dust, so that was probably complicating matters.
    Everything works provided I don't go jumping through PC games too fast. It Blue Screens me if I do.
  5. I found further System Restores using CCleaner. The reason I didn't see them before was I didn't uncheck the 5 days old box. Thank you for the help, I hadn't noticed that box before.
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