Tosh P500 Dual Drive - SSD and HHD, best set up and how?

The bosses wife has a new Toshiba P500 configured with a 64gSSD as a C: drive and a 320gHHD for a D: drive. I'm about to take it from Vista to W7. While backing it up I noticed the SSD was full. Since it's the C: drive windows is storing everything on it. I would imagine that the best thing would be to put the OS on the SSD and everything else on the HHD, but if the user uses My Documents, My Music, My Pictures etc. folder it will all go on the SSD drive and fill it up. Does anyone know a quick fix to make W7 store data on the D: drive? Any other ideas on how I should set this up for a 'non power user' user? - thanks
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  1. right click my docs folder then go to properties and set the location to where ever you want
  2. that sounds too simple. Not that I know better but I would think Windows would not allow anything to be so simple. I would think all the programs that want to save to 'my documents' would not figure out that the folder has moved. I will give it it a try regardless and hope ;-} Thanks
  3. been doing it for years, most things on computers are simple you just have to look at it from the right perspective
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