What do you think of the thermaltake Xaser VG4000 SWA

Hi there!
Does anyone of you uses the thermaltake Xaser VG4000 SWA? Are you happy with it? I like it because it has many PCI slots (10) but I didn´t find many reviews of it (I´ve found some, but I would like the opinion of someone that already have one, or tried one).

I´ve read that´s pretty big. Is it easy to move or transport?
It doesn´t have USB 3.0 ports, but I think I can add one in the future buying it separately.
It has the power supply at the top and not the bottom.

What do you think?
The coolmaster Haf X was way out of my budget, so I thought that this one maybe will be usable for several builds in the future...

Thanks for your opinion!

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  1. ROFL I googled Xaser VG4000 SWA and this question was the second result :lol:

    I don't understand why you would ask about this case, as it's for more expensive? Are you getting a deal on a used case? I have no problem with that, just wondering.

    The case in question is a fairly hefty one. I has a lot of aluminum but a lot of stuff. Including that front door which I consider the main drawback. I have always thought doors on case a bad idea, with the exception of cases that need to be EXTREMELY quiet.

    The Xaser was an old design when it was new(2008). It was never very popular because it really needs more cooling.

    So my question would be why do you need it? If this is a build mainly for aesthetics and will not have big hot GPUs or an overclocked CPU, the case might be just great.
  2. Thanks for your answer! I´ve found a new model of this case a cheaper than the Coolmaster Haf X, and as it has more expansion slots, I thought that it would be better.

    My other choice was the Sentey cyclone gs-7000.

    This is my first build ever, and I´ve read a lot about "future proof cases"... and wel... I just thought that bigger was better :)

    Thanks for your insight!!

  3. Those expansion slots are for extra large motherboards, called E-ATX. The only thing these are for is adding extra gaming video cards. This is not something you will do, as it would be outside your budget.

    I would consider space and ventilation to be the two biggest factors in a future-proof case.

    The Sentey case has more options for air flow, but it is still restricted air. The front fans are blocked by all those hot-swap bays and the top fans are restricted by those louvers.
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