A few questions about a recent build.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, recently had a new build and I have a few questions. Any advice would be nice.

1. I recently built this computer:


It seemed liked it was working fine and it seems that way now, but upon first installing windows, it wouldn't recognize the hard drive, still says there is no device there, though I did eventually get it to install and work. It also worked fine with the newest Ubuntu. I'm still a little worried about that, is there a reason it doesn't recognize that drive correctly?

2. Upon getting it to work, the cpu temp registers as abnormally high. About 80 to 90 degrees Celsius when idle. It stays about that no matter what I do. This problem really concerns me as sometimes on start up it jumps even higher. I have it on the lowest voltage and even put the bios setting to power saving. Tried putting in an older video card to try and lighten the cpu's load, but it didn't help. Tried thermal paste as well no progress in lowering the temp. I'm wondering what the problem could be.

Might be helpful to note that in http://www.piriform.com/speccy it says its actually the mobo that is that hot. Though all other temp/stat programs like that blame the cpu and aux. What is aux?

3. I was wondering what is better that processors graphic capabilities or

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  1. 80 to 90 C at idle is way way too high. should be 30-40C ranges.

    You should be able to read temps in the BIOS, if you haven't done that yet take a look and see what it is reporting before you boot. If you are getting those readings in the BIOS then I'm going to assume something is wrong with your heatsink install.

    Can you walk me through how you installed your cooler?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The bios says about the same thing. I have taken the fan /heatsink out numerous times, just to check and out of necessity when I tried different thermal paste. Haven't noticed a difference. I click all four posts in, also make sure the text on the fan is readable by pointing towards the top of the case. Plug the fan power thing in and that is it.

    Just to point out the obvious, I used the stock fan/heatsink that came with the processor. Did the installation as instructed. Though I'm open to hearing about common problems and mess ups that could be on me.
  3. Ok, here are some silly questions that I will ask to to make sure you didn't do anything obviously wrong.

    1. Did you take off any and all plastic covers / sheets on both the heatsink and CPU. (Dumb question but it has happened before)

    2. Are you plugging the CPU fan wire into CPU fan header on the motherboard and not any of the multiple case fan headers. (CPU fan header likely has 4 pins, 3 for case)

    3. When trying new thermal paste, how well did you clean old thermal paste off? Did you leave old on and just throw some new stuff on there?

    4. I've never used the particular stock cooler that you are using, but how much pressure is needed to 'click' the heatsink into place?
    On aftermarket coolers I have used there is a considerable amount of pressure between the heatsink and CPU. I want to make sure you aren't just lightly contacting the CPU, but applying full pressure between them.

    My apologies for very basic questions but want to rule them out.

    Also, how warm is it in the case? Does it feel like you have a 90C CPU and the fan is blowing very warm air around or does it feel just slightly warm? Can you get an ambient case temperature reading somehow?

    If you could post a screen shot of Speedfan showing temps that would be interesting as well.
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