Cooler Master Elite 334 & ASUS M4A-88TM Mobo

I have a Cooler Master CPU CASE/CABINET :

I have ASUS M4A-88TM Motherboard which i need to Mount in the Case.

When i look at the Blank Case - I see that the Holes on the Motherboard Align perfectly with the holes on the CPU Case.

Here is the Problem:

I place the Motherboard as-is on the CASE. I notice that although the holes align, the screws fall short in length when inserted onto those holes directly. I tried all sort of screws that came with the CPU but i could'nt figure out why the CASE which is an ATX/uATX come with screws that are'nt adequate in length when inserted onto an ATX/uATX motherboard.

As a result i have to press the screws so that they go in to the holes on the CPU Case which causes the Motherboard to bend a little. This bending causes the back I/O panel to not align completely with the PS/2 and USB Holes provided with the steel plate (comes with the Mobo) that goes in to the back of the CASE.

I think i am doing something fundamentally wrong here because the CASE and the MOBO are compatible with each other when it comes to the Form Factor.

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    Various motherboard standoffs

    What you are missing is that in the 9 holes that correspond to the MB mounting holes, you first need to screw in the standoffs. Then the motherboard sits on the standoffs, and finally the screws go in through the motherboard and into the standoffs.
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  3. Thanks Abekl.

    I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with what i was doing.

    I got the standoff screws and the mobo mounted perfectly.

    All these years working with computers - and i miss that :??: :??:
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