DVI-D stopped working but VGA still works

I have an AMD A8 GPU with no graphics card. It was working fine, on 24/7 for days, then I restarted it and the monitor went blank and stayed blank. And I mean blank. No signal, not even the BIOS text.

I tried the VGA port and amazingly it works. I don't think it is overheating because it stayed on for so long with no problems (running BIONC at 100%).

I reset the PC to finish installing a Windows update. Someone told me that could affect the BIOS, but I saw on MS's site that they say their updates do not affect the BIOS.

I can use the PC like this but it's a little fuzzy on the monitor. I am worried that some other component will fail soon and I will lose even the VGA port.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? I have never heard of this problem before, and google is no help.


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  1. Might be the DVI cable.
  2. I don't know what 'I have an AMD A8 GPU with no graphics card'

    DVI might have problem as sunius said in the top. Change the DVI cable to check out.
  3. So basically you are using the integrated graphics core inside whatever Llano A8 APU is inside your PC.

    Try switching to another DVI-D cable. It could be possible the the DVI-D port on either the motherboard or monitor no longer works.
  4. Yes I am using the integrated graphics of the A8 APU (I meant APU, not GPU).

    I had not thought of the cable going. I didn't know they could just stop working like that. I will try a new cable and report back.

    The details are: A8-3850 APU, MSI A75MA-G55 motherboard.
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