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Help on my acer aspire one


I want to upgrade my acer aspire one 532h netbook.
Would it be better to upgrade to 2gb ram from 1gb ram and replace my 160gb HDD with a 128gb SSD?
Or would it be better to sell my acer and buy a new one??

And would it be possible to upgrade my CPU; right now it is Intel Atom N450 ( 1.66GHz, 512KB cache).
Would it also be possible to upgrade my graphics card; right now it is Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150.

Help would be greatly appreciated; I AM A NOOB.

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    Throw in a 2Gb ram stick and dedicate a 2Gb Sd card to readyboost,

    I wouldn't bother spending anymore on a netbook especially not gfx,ssd or Cpu-wise, its just not worth it imo
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