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I'm going to be doing my first build and I had a (newbie) question about modular power supplies.

In the picture above, what is the chart telling me (I think the power supply in the picture is upside down)? And my other question was, can I plug any of the cables in any of the slots that it fits in? I don't know much of the connector names and such, but for example if I need to power my graphics card, could I just plug one end to my graphics card and the other end to whichever slot fits it? Or is there one I need to plug it into on the power supply?

Sorry for the super-noob question.
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  1. The pins are designed so that you can't plug it wrong.
  2. Yes the pic is upside down :)
    Yes, each cable is made so that it fits into only it's respective peripheral. Just make sure that you use the right cable and don't apply too much force on either ends.
    Also depending on the make and accessories that come with the PSU, I'd advise you to read through the manual that came along to be on the safe side.
    They will direct you to doing it right. And also save you a lot of trouble with messing up the hardware.
  3. Ok thanks knowing that makes me feel better. :)

    And also one other question (not really relevant, but don't want to make a new thread):

    Does newegg always have new rebates when one ends? For example one of my rebates ends today (25th) will there be a new rebate tomorrow (or starting of next month)? And another one ends on the 30th. Do they always extend the date of the rebates?
  4. There are some repeating rebates that go until the manufacturer stops renewing them, i have seen things on newegg that have rebates for months on end then one day stop. The rebates all have end dates so that there is a time you need to send in the form by and gives the manufacturer a chance to not renew it.

    There is no guarantee that they will have another rebate out after, but the terms for the rebate apply to what was out when you purchase it.
  5. While I'm on the power supply topic, if I buy a 550W continuous power supply, and say my computer is using 400W of power total. Will it be taking 550W of power from the socket? Will I be charged for the 550W of power on my bill? Or only 400W?
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    The system only draws as much power as it needs from the power supply, the power supply draws that amount of power plus the power lost due to inefficiency from the wall. If your system only needs about 400 W and you have a 550 W PSU in there, you will still only draw about 400 W.
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  8. Thanks for all the help. I chose the Antec BP550 Plus.
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