New Build vs Homebuilt

What is the difference between this subforums and the New Builds subforums?
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  1. Can't say for sure but I'm guessing that "New Build" refers to all new parts and "Home Build" refers to using a mixture of old and new. Am I right? ;)
  2. I have to move thread and I based it on these criteria.

    New build

    Someone who is making a a complete new build or at least change most of their stuff inside. Change of mobo and CPU and GPU will qualify. Anything less will be treated as upgrade.

    Home build

    The upgrade which is not significant enough to be classified as new build.


    Bought from some company or some one already build for you or participate in less than 50% of the the building process (building process include the initial putting together and OC afterward if OC'ed).
  3. I was only curious. Thanks Mod Pyree and Chaz21!
  4. New build: "you just built it and it has never worked".

    Homebuilt: " it used to work ..."

    Prebuilt: "commercial PC".
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