I am looking to build a new pc mainly for some gaming. I'm not hardcore, but I'd like to be able to get at least decent graphics on games like BF3 or Crysis 2. I want to get an i5 2500k, but my budget is pretty tight, and I'm not sure how long I'd have to wait. Does anyone have experience gaming with an i3 2100? Will that do the job well enough for me, or am I better of just being patient? My plan is to use a Radeon 6950 or GTX 560 ti for my gpu.

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  1. The i3 2100 is sufficient for single player, but a quad is really needed for MP, especially BF3.
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    MP BF3 needs a quad to run the highest settings.

    You could get a Pentium G for $63 for now and save up for a Ivy quad down the road. You'll still be able to play pretty well.
  3. Unless you are not going to do any CPU intensive task, such as (mentioned before, MP), i3-2100 is fine for you.
  4. I would think if I end up getting BF3, I will play a lot of mp. Would a Pentium G be too slow to play at all, or would I just need to settle for low graphics until I upgrade?
  5. Oops, I think I read your post wrong, you already answered my question :)
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