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Hello, I took apart my computer in order to install a motherboard, I managed to take off the processor fan but I am unable to take out the backplate.

The backplate has no screws and the holes were covered in a transparent plastic material which I clipped off using a flat head screw driver but the backplate is still stuck to the motherboard.

Any ideas?
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  1. Why are you trying to remove the backplate?? It's part of the motherboard. lol

    It would help if you mentioned what motherboard your talking about....
  2. The motherboard im replacing is a dell Inspiron 560 and it has a intel q8300 stock cooler.

    The new motherboard does not have a backplate in order for me to screw the processor fan into.
  3. A stock intel heatsink doesn't use a backplate, it presses into the holes on the mobo. The fan you have is likely a Dell fan, not an Intel fan.

    You'll need a intel compatible fan for your new motherboard.
  4. If its the exact same mobo you can probably just transfer over the heatsink + bracket over.

    Take a pic and we might be able to help.
  5. Problem solved, had to rip off the backplate as it was glued on by dell.... I am now up and running with the new motherboard.

    Thanks guys.

    Credits~ Nick Pashtoon
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