Windows 7 not automatically connecting to the internet.

Ok so i've been having this problem for ages and its time to fix it.

Basically for some odd reason my computer connects to the internet on boot up but then disconnects and i have to manually connect it. If i good to the internet options it says that it will automatically connect to my network when its in range but its always in range and always has the problem that i just stated above.

I run on a home wireless network and i have a TrendNet wireless adapter that plugs into my pci slot in my machine.
i've tried talking to the Trendnet Tech support but they where useless so i've come to you guys.

Thanks for help in advance.
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  1. My XP laptop with a Linksys wireless adapter card does this same thing. I have to manually enter the password and connect every time. WPA2. This is probably inherent in XP and the way XP operates.

    My Win7 desktop connects to the wireless router with no manual intervention. Automatic. Same with another computer with Vista OS. (Linksys wireless cards - WMP600N)
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