No beep codes on computer start up does not pass POST

Just built a bare bones kit, upon start up the computer does not pass POST, no beep codes are present and there is no display on the monitor, checked power supply, RAM, and internal battery, all appear to be OK. I hear the hard drive start and there is power to the CD drive. HDD light stays on, and there appears to be no jumper on the CMOS pins. I'm assuming a bad motherboard right out of the box?
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  1. no display could mean cpu not inserted properly

    or graphics card problem if using a seperate gpu card
  2. make sure you have the 4/8pin cpu power cable plugged in(should be relatively close to the cpu itself)

    you can reset the bios by unplugging the computers power cord from the wall or back of the computer, removing the bios battery from the motherboard and then pressing the power button on your case a few times
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