Buying new parts please help!

Ok, final question.

I'm buying a new hardware tom, it is AMD Radeon 6770 Powercolor

I have 500W. and DVI Connector.

I really don't care about the bottleneck.
I have Intel E2200 2.20GHz dual core impossible to overclock because it is baked in HP.

The Only thing I want to know is if it will fit in my casing.

I have HP Pavillion a6540d home PC.
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  1. Yes will fit. Your case dimensions are : H 15.23'' , W 6,89'' , L 16.29'' and the card dimensions are 7.17" x 4.37" x 1.50".
  2. Thanks man, I'm getting an Core i7 Extreme next 5months. Will the card work well with Source games? like Portal 2, Left4Dead 2 and WarCraft III Frozen Throne?
  3. Yes, it will run them perfectly!
  4. For sure :)
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