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Ok, I got my new Graphics card arrive, so I install it, pdate the drivers and noww all of a sudden, every now and then my screen will get random coloured pixeled type squares appear and then it will freez, flash to a black screen and then come back to what I was doing. I then Have a little message pop up at the bottom of my screen saying something along the lines of, Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. It is so annoying because it does it so often, can someone reccomend/link me to the best driver for this GPU or provide a solution, it really bugs me when Im playing a game and this happens because it screws it up :(.
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    If that doesn't help, I'd RMA the card cuz probably it's faulty.
  2. It helped a little now my PC doesnt need restarting when it does this but it still consists to freeze and say the driver stopped responding :/ I get the feelng maybe I need an older driver? Btw it's a Powercolour
  3. It shouldn't need an older driver, it's a pretty new card model. Just RMA the card, there's the problem for sure..
  4. Should I get a new card or just get another one sent back to me, I bought it via Ebuyer for £58. If I was to buy another one I would only hae £60 to buy one, Refund or just get another one sent out? Do you need my specs, there could be something wrong with my PC for all we know
  5. Hmm I'd say just let them send another card.
  6. Ok will do, Thanks :)
  7. No problem, tell me how it goes!
  8. Well I have decided not to send it back, first im going to buy a new set of RAM because at the moment I am using un matched RAM and that can be the cause of my GPU drivers crashing, if it still consists with the new RAM I will definately return it.
  9. Ok then, I know have a full set of matching Speed RAM And memory ofc, but it still consists with this problem, I played a game, and it constantly crashed so I had GPU-Z on to monitor the temp, my GPU maxed up to 39 which is nothing, but it still crashed. I dont want to risk RMA'ing the card, because if there is nothing wrong with the card they charge you an extra £10. I also found out it tends to crash very often on Source mod games, like Insurgency and Resistance and liberation more than it does on more demanding games like Red Orchestra 2 :L I am seriously confused, any suggestions? Other than RMA :P
  10. I had the same problem as you. Question: Did you get the latest driver that came in Windows Update? That driver was the problem for me. I reverted to the driver that came from Radeon's website. Solved the problem and haven't had any trouble since. I verified that it was the driver from Windows Update by reinstalling and the same problem began again.
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