Can you run a ps3 on hdmi then back to normal cords

i was wondering why cant i get any audio or video after putting an hdmi cords in then back to normal cords can anyone please help i really do not want to buy a new ps3
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  1. Theres settings that have to be manipulated on the AV portion. If you are running RCA's at first, hook up your hdmi concurrently and make the adjustment while its turned on. Same for if you are going back. If you have it set for HDMI and turn it off and switch to RCA, fire it up and wait 30 sec. and then turn it off using the power key on the PS3. When you turn it on again it will have automatically reverted back for you.
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    You need to reset the video setting after using HDMI. I think you hold the power button for a while. Got thsi from the internet.
    Make sure the system is off.
    Hold down the Power Button for 5-6 seconds - until you hear the second beep.
    That's it, your video settings are reset.
  3. i tried the 30 second but it didnt work and my hdmi cords were destroyed by my dog any thing else that you know of :(
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