Power Supply Recommendations for the HAF-X Case with Crosshair V MB

Good morning everyone, I am in the market to get a modular power supply. My biggest issue is I am not sure which one to choose due to the need for longer cables. As my title indicates I am running the ASUS crosshair V on a HAF-X case. This case has been rock solid and has a lot of cable management features, but it requires a power supply with long enough cables.

I am just looking for any and all recommendations for fully modular power supplies preferably in the 850 to 1000w range that will have long enough cables for my case.

My current build is the MB listed above running the AMD 6200 FX chip, 16g of RAM, Noctua CPU Fan, 5 case fans, currently just running one 6950 graphics card (looking to upgrade to a 7970), 1 256g SSD, 2 1.5tb Western Digitals for storage.

Any other information that is needed please let me know.
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  1. My Haf 932 is slightly smaller than the X but I run a Thermalrake blackwidow 850w without the need for extension cables. (it was the best supply locally available when mine died)
  2. Thanks for the reply, but since I did not have much luck here with recommendations, I opted to just get the Sea Sonic 1050X. It is fully modular I got it for about 139 online and then ordered some NZXT sleeved extension cables. I figured that would do the trick with my build.
  3. Excellent PSU!
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