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Hi group,

I am on the verge of ordering a replacement for my tired overworked gaming rig, and was steered away from the Bulldozer archs by the good folks of Toms, but now I have a different question.

I will be hanging on to this new machine for around 4 years (same as my current box), and will probably move twice in that time. I want to put this new computer in a good enclosure that will give decent cooling performance, yet be quiet, sturdy and easy to clean.

The cases I am looking at currently are the Fractal Design Define R3, and the Lian-Li PC-B10. I realize the two are in completely different price categories, but they both have common features I like.

I like that they both offer filters for all of the fans. My current case has filters, and as long as I clean them regularly, they do a great job of keeping the dust inside to a minimum.

I like that the Fractal case has lots of grommeted penetrations on the mobo plate for me to pass the cables through, something the Lian-Li lacks.

A door on the front is not a necessity, but both of these have one. I have small children, and my son loves to "help" daddy out by turning on his computer for him. Sometimes while daddy is still working on it. ;)

I like that the Fractal case is steel rather than aluminum. I don't mind that it will be heavy, it will be sturdy and survive the punishments of moving the machine around, plus flying objects from said children.

In reading reviews I have some concerns about the build quality/fit-n-finish of the Fractal case, and the price difference between these two examples would bear out differences of workmanship. I have a lot of faith in Lian-Li to have excellent build quality in their cases.

Are either of these decent choices? I will not be doing SLI, or indeed much in the way of overclocking at all. Price is not too much of a concern, although I wouldn't want to go over maybe $300.

What are other good choices to consider? I am primarily concerned with build quality and ease of cable management/keeping the interior clean. Cases with noise padding (both of these cases have that) get a + in my book, or if noise abatement is available as a separate option, that is fine too.
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    Both of those cases are solid choices,
    I'm not going to offer an alternative I'm afraid, but I can possibly help with the child 'helping' issue :P

    buy another powerbutton,
    mount it somewhere convenient and out of childs sight, and move the wires to that one
    that way he/she can press the original powerbutton without any risk to work/gaming/Pc :P
    and heres a guide to installing your own grommets, should you plump for the lian and decide you want them :)
  2. Wow, quite a price difference!!! You seem to like the no frills clean look. Corsair also makes some nice cases somewhere in between those prices. Remember, you get what you pay for and the more expensive cases are going to be a lot easier to work in and feel 1000% more solid. Here is a nice clean look Corsair. The Obsidian also has clear side versions. and a nice review on the Lian which seems to have some of your requirements
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  4. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help :-)
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