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Hello everyone.
It's about time I upgraded my gaming rig. I've been looking around and I settled for the following components:

Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus - 69,20£
Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-650TXV2UK Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 - 66.62£
Processor: Intel Sandybridge i5-2500K Unlocked Core i5 Quad-Core Processor (3.30GHz, 6MB Cache, Socket 1155) - 160,5£
Cooler: Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler - 44.99£
Motherboard - Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z68X - 119.97£
RAM: 8GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 RipjawsX Series - 38,99£
Graphic Card: Asus 1GB GeForce GTX 560TI DirectCUII PCI-E Graphics Card - 166,97£
Hard Drive: Western Digital WD1002FAEX Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 RPM Internal Hard Disk Drive - 107,72£
DVD Drive: Asus DRW-24B3ST SATA Internal 24X DVD±RW Drive - 21,89£
Monitor: Asus 24-inch VH242H Wide Gaming LCD TFT Monitor - 150,54£
Mouse: Razer Deathadder Re-Spawn 3500DP - 42,85£
Keyboard: Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard - 34,99£
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - 109,95£

My question is - are there better options for the same price range (same price range being + or - 25pounds)?
I wouldn't mind a smaller monitor, if the resolution is still 1920x1080. As for the hard drive, I have no interest in a SSD, so any regular 1TB drive will do, as long as it is trustworthy. Only component I'm willing to go a little bit higher (+100£) is the graphic card but only if the quality diference is really worthwhile - I'm willing.

What do you think?

Thanks a ton for the all the tips :)
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  1. Wait a month or so. Ivybridge will come out from Intel and Keppler (600 series) from Nvidia. It may impact (lower the prices) of your current list or present newer better choices for a waiting a relativly short time.

    As to the other bits. I'd get

    CM 212 CPU cooler (£20 cheaper)

    Optical drive - shop around you should get the same features for £10 less

    HDD - CCLcomputers have 1TB drives £10 cheaper than that

    OS - Get an OEM copy and save a bit over £30

    Cash saved there means if you dont want to wait for the next gen from Nvidia you can afford a 570 card

    I tend to use thats where i got those savings from but if you look around aria and scan as well they price similar within a couple of £ either way.
  2. What are you planning to do with your old rig? You could carry a few components over from that e.g. case, OS, optical drive, hard drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse.

    Stick with your 24" screen, I'm finding my 23" @ 1920*1080 makes everything just a little too small. I'm not saying it is too small but it certainly feel too small compared to my 24" screen at the same resolution.
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  4. Hello,
    HDD :Western Digital/Seagate are the most trusted brands so In my opinion its fine if you opt WD HDD.

    GPU: Nvidia has announced shortly their new 560 Ti model that is 560 Ti 440core which is a little bit higher to your Asus 1GB GeForce GTX 560TI DirectCUII PCI-E Graphics Card and will be also edge in processing speed so try to opt for it.

    Monitor: You can use your existing monitor until or unless you really want to go for higher resolution as well as screen.

    I cannot include any prices for components I have listed because I am from different country so prices vary heavily and I don't opt for online shopping as well.
    Hoping that you won't mind.
  5. Aviral i think you mean the 560ti 448core. Its been around a while and although a good prospect its so near 570 money. Also as a limited edition if you want to SLI in future it maybe hard to get a matching card
  6. Yes,I am saying about 560Ti 448core.

    The pricing of your card is very high so just take a look at mine.

    Yes,I agree with you that it is a limited addition card but going for SLI is not a really good option because only increment 20% approx is achieved which is not that satisfying.The main reason for SLI configuration is for
    1)3D vision
    2)Multiple monitors with resolution of 1920x1080p on each monitor or more
    3)A very heavily supported cored cpu so that performance of gpu are not bottleneck.

    In simple I can say using a single gpu is far more capable of giving much better experience then using SLI configuration.

    The reasons why SLI is not recommended yet is that:-
    1)The system may become unstable during usage.
    2)Scaling with two gpu's
    3)The FPS also sometimes are downgraded then on one card.

    In short go for only one gpu configuration.
  7. Yes but the price of that 448 core here in the UK is VERY close to a 570 which can eat it alive.
  8. What actually is your budget for gpu?
  9. from the original post he qouted £166 but could go up to £100 higher. £266 snags a decent 570 and wouldn't use all his extra £100 if he looks around for the savings i showed him. Though for the sake of waiting a few weeks for the 600 series he may be even able to get a better deal then as i suspect when the high end 600's release many sellers will be offering deals on the old high end 500's in order to clear shelves, if you look around theres already some saving being offered on 570's and 580's.

    I'm not knocking the 560 448 core but at current pricing you can get a 570 for £50-ish more which right now seems the better deal to me. Though like i said before really i would wait till the 600 series if i was the OP (I am personally waiting till the 600's before i buy my new card).
  10. yeah, somewhere around 250£ if I can save a couple of £ on the other components.

    And thanks a ton for the all the answers. U are being really helpful :)
  11. I'd urge you to wait mate. With new Ivybridge and the 600 series soon its worth the short wait. Or if your in a real hurry build, toss in ya old GPU and then grab the new one when the new release comes
  12. <3<3<3<3 hd 7870 <3<3<3<3
  13. Then you can go with
    1)GTX 550 Ti
    The link provided gives a detailed list of this model with price ranging from 96£-174£

    2)GTS 450
    The link provided gives a detailed list of this model priced at 95£

    3)EVGA GTX 480
    Priced at £184.27 Inc VAT

    4)GTX 480 Ultra charged
    Priced at £208.30 Inc VAT

    5)GTX 560 Ti (384 core)
    Price range from £166.27 - £243.07 incl. VAT

    These are the only cards which you can have for best performance per money .
  14. I would not choose the 550ti. All the other cards perform better from the above list.
  15. No offence to Aviral but really ignore him. I'm sorry but on that list he lists 1 card worse than your initial plan. 1 Card the same as your plan and 3 cards that are now 1 generation out of date and within the coming weeks will be 2 generations out of date.

    Seriously mate the OP initially wants a 560ti and your going to recommend he gets a 450???? @ £20 more than other sites flog it for too.

    CCL, Scan & Aria all have 570's under 250. CCL choice version 570 (will be made by Palit) is £218 (to compare their Cheapest 560ti 448 core is only a tenner cheaper). These price drops are to clear shelves before the new stuff so if you can't wait theres your bargains, 570's at what until very recentley were 560ti money.
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