Would a 700w psu power up my system build.

i have this psu im wondering if its enough to power up this build im going to buy.

cpu : amd fx-8120 8 core
motherboard: asrock 970 extreme3
16gb corsair vengence
xfx radeon hd 6870 double D in crossfire

any suggestions or comments will be appreciated! thanks
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  1. your link doesnt work

    but a 700w or 750w by a good maker--ie seasonic , corsair etc will do the job
  2. You link doesn't work.

    What's your power supply budget? A good quality 650w psu from OCZ, Corsair, XFX, SEasonic, Antec, etc would be a good choice. I recommend something at least 80+ certified.
  3. sorry the link didnt work because the period was connected to the link LOL. it should work now
  4. if you can find any of the makes already mentioned for near the same money then would go for them over

    that one
  5. unfortunately ive looked everywhere for a 650w+ supply under a good brand name. cant find any as cheap as this one. is apevia that bad?
  6. never used apevia--cant find many reviews of them--which i take as it not being quality enough to merit


    i always go for a quality psu--even if it costs more

    your whole pc relies on it--a cheap psu could take out that nice new fx-8120 or gpu or other components if it

    goes wonky
  7. what about this one? hec Zephyr MX 750 its on sale right now at newegg so im kinda tempted to get it.
  8. Zephyr and Apevia are probably some of the worst psu's ever. That's not even got a basic 80+ certification.

    I can't believe you would even consider that. A cheapo 700w psu probably put's out about 500w, which would not be sufficient for Xfire.

    Which is why you don't buy cheap psu's. It's the most important component of your computer.

    TigerDirect has a Corsair TX650 V2 for $58 after rebate. 5yr warranty.
  9. this model has a 80+ certification tho hec Zephyr MX 750.
  10. I wouldn't use it but it's better than the other one.

    This one is only $60 after rebate and MUCH better.
  11. only issue i would have with that one is that im gonna cf 2 radeon 6870 and they require 2x 6pin pci plugs.
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    never cut around the corner with a psu, the psu tbh should be the first thing you picked out after you decided how many gpus you plan to run.

    at the real low end of pricing that will probably work,

    OCZ Fatal1ty 750w 100-15$=85$ 85$-25$ MIR= 65$ at the lowest i think
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