A suggestion for my system upgradation

1)Will my Intel DH55TC motherboard will support a Corsair H100 Liquid cooler?
If yes then it would be beneficial for me as in my country(India) temperature reaches to 40C-50C during summer and i don't like to turn my computer off for atleast 25days of month?

2)Will my motherboard support Nvidia GTX 590 to full capacity of the card.
If yes which company should i prefer either ASUS or Zotac?

3)Which Corsair AX1200/AX850/AX750 Power supply unit will be fine for my system?

Except the GPU ,PSU and CPU cooler all will remain the same.I would like to get the maximum performance from my 3D vision kit as well their want to upgrade my components.

I don't like to use AMD products like cpu and gpu.

I can spent between 800$-1000$ for GPU,PSU and CPU cooler.
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  1. You haven't even told us what cpu......
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    why dont u check for seasonic psu they are cheaper and they make psu for corsair

    why get 590 do u have 3 monitor setup and better change the mobo as old mobo are never desgined to support graphic cards with huge power demanding cards and u will get more performance from 2 gtx 570 and have similar costs.

    Whici cpu u are using as a weak cpu can cause a cpu bottleneck and the gpu would become waste as u cannot u its full potential

    for gpu get the asus as the make the best gpu after evga

    for 2 580 u would need a 850w 80+ and above gpu like corsair hx 850 80+ silver or seasonic x 850 80+ gold

    make sure u have a big and ventilated case which could accomulate a 590 and a huge psu and have nice air flow like cm haf series and cm storm series which are aimed at gamers.

    A personal note if there is constructron going on nearby then it is better to use a case with air filters as my cpu heatsink is clog
  3. Oh I am really sorry.
    My configuration is:-
    CPU:i5-760 Quad Core @3.36GHz overclocked(turbo boost) with stock cooler
    RAM:4GB Kingston @1333MHz
    GPU:Zotac 9800GT 1GB
    HDD:1TB @7200rpm
    Mobo:Intel DH55TC
    Monitor:22\" Samsung SynMaster 2233 3D vision ready with
    3D vision kit(1 emitter & 1 glasses)
    Sony DVD/CD writer
    Psu:450W Local brand Encola
    Cabinet:Mid size with both sides cover removed
    Speakers:Intex 5.1 channel
  4. Hi serialkiller,
    Corsair products are easily available then seasonic in my locality.

    I am using a 3D vision therefore i require a intensive gpu with best performance without SLI.I am not a fan of SLI configuration.

    Ok,I will go for ASUS for gpu.

    Any mobo recommended for my system.

    What will be a recommended psu for 590 gpu?

    I will get a air filter cases also to keep it dust free.
  5. I got an idea from the discussion.
    Please lock it down.
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