560 TI 448 Core HDMI Handshake Issue?

Ive been having a few weird issues with my HDTV

I play my game on 1080P, but sometimes when i switch back to 720P to browse i get a weird messed up resolution until i shut my display off and turn it back on.

When my computer turns off the display in 720P and i resume, its fine....

When that happens in 1080P and I resume, it says unsupported signal, and I have to unplug the wire and plug it back in to get a picture. Turning off the display doesnt restore it.

My questions are, does anyone know of a setting or anything that will fix this? Also, is any of this hurting my graphics card?

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  1. has anyone tried this?


    also.... would a powered hdmi switch help? i never had these issues using the onboard chipset and mobo HDMI slot on my i5-2500k
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