NVIDIA Geforce GTX 700 series in BF3 and Batman "leaks"

Some cool benches have appeared showing NVIDIA's next gen range

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  1. ooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! wow.gtx 700 benchies before gtx 600 series.
  2. gtx 600 is already out and it's mobile parts/OEM
  3. You must be new to the charts, there are a lot of people out there that have already seen them and the charts are fakes unless nvidia has pulled the rabbit out of the hat.
    I doubt Kepler is that fast and would take a very radical redesign to improve single precession 32bit performance that much let alone meet their claims of being three times the double precession 64bit performance compared to Fermi. I call bs on the charts I believe they are fakes.
  4. These graphs have been out for a while. Regardless of what they call it, 6xx or 7xx... I have a hard time believing the next generation of nvidia cards will be such a step up from the current generation.
  5. Perhaps...
  6. yea these have to be fakes...kepler is changing to a 28nm proccess so i belive we will see similar performance to current gen at lower wattage which to me means lower tempuratures more stability and increased overclocking capability's. so after you push your card to it's limits you may see a 10% performance increase over previous gen but we will have to wait and see no telling till we see official benchmarks
  7. I, too, say these are fake. The fact alone that they included a benchmark of a 790 is kind of sketchy, seeing that NVIDIA doesn't usually announce any dual-gpu variations of cards this early on in the game. That kind of stuff is usually announced months after the series has already launched. Who says it's gonna be called the 790? They have yet to say anything but that it's the 6XX series for laptops and 7XX series for desktops. Nothing else has been revealed, really.
  8. Agree POSSIBLE fakes... Unless every card in the series is dual processor like the 2wins, then those numbers would make sense and make me very happy if prices stay low lol. We won't know till they release the new series. PS... What's up with people still saying the 600 series is coming out?. From what I have read the 600 series is being skiped for Desktop and the 700 series is coming out next for desktops. :bounce:
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