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If toms guide has a please wait whilst a mod approves your post feature, i'm assuming for new posters (although why my reputation doesn't pass between the two is beyond me), then why can't toms forums, only for the first 10 posts, if it does not pass it does not count.
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  1. I am assuming due to the sheer volume difference...
  2. but you only need to do it for most people first 15 posts, the spammers will never get past 1 post unless they are willing to post stuff that isn't spam. As it is the comment still hasn't made it onto the article, i've got 2600 good posts on their sister site!
  3. That "feature" on toms guide isn't really a feature, its kinda a glitch since i know of no way to go in and "approve" a post. The reason your comment hasnt made it into the article is because the system is glitching again, usually it works just fine but occasionally there is an article that has issues and says you have to wait for it to get approved.

    Also, do you have any idea how many new people post on toms a day? We can kill spam off pretty quickly, but having to approve the first 10 posts of every new member would confuse new members, require a lot more work on the mod teams part, and significantly inhibit the ability of new members to get their problems solved quickly.
  4. I know it is many, was confused as the page I was greeted with after posting definately said that it was off for approval.
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