Filtering the side panel grill on Corsair Graphite 600T?

I am beginning to slowly work up to my next build based on an LGA 2011 6 core, probably the i7 3930k.
The first step was to replace my old Antec P160 case with a Corsair Graphite 600T.

I love it except for one flaw, a lot of air comes in through the side panel grill.
This negates the function of the existing air filters on the front fan and the air inlet for the PSU.
It runs very cool without adding fans to the grill, which would still need filtering if I went that way.
I have a thin piece of foam sheet from the bottom of a mobo box that fits the outside of the grill nicely.
When the PC is on and running, the foam sheet sticks to the grill, but slides down and off when it is shut off.

So, what I would like to do is install the foam sheet, or better yet something similar to the material used in the existing filters, on the inside of grill that is removable for cleaning.
Is this possible.
Or better yet, how can this be done?
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  1. Buy a windowed panel for the case, because it sounds like you didn't buy the white edition of the case. They're like $40 AUD online and it comes with the side panel, mesh insert and the window.
  2. I ordered a 4-pak of 120mm fans and filters for them to install on the side panel.
    I installed 2 with filters blowing in and 2 without filters blowing out.
    It does leave a narrow opening above and below these fans.

    There is are two 200mm fans. One filtered on the front drawing in, and one unfiltered on the top
    blowing out.

    There is a 140mm fan in the PS drawing in through a filter on the bottom and blowing out the back.

    There is an unfiltered 120mm fan on the back blowing out.

    This does give a net negative internal pressure so that air does come in through the openings above
    and below the fans on the side panel and other miscellaneous openings.

    After several weeks of running the controller on slow speed, there is very little dust accumulation on
    the interior of the case.

    I am satisfied with the results so far.
    But, if my opinion changes, I can reverse the 2 out-blowing fans on the side panel and add the filters.
    This should give a positive internal pressure blowing excess air out through the openings in the bottom
    of the case, the side panel and other miscellaneous openings.
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