Pick a power supply for me?

Hi, I'm working on my first build, but I'm having trouble picking a power supply that will work for me. I want something that's extremely reliable and can last for a LONG time (maybe 6-7 years). 600W would be preferred, while it has to be over 500W. Here's my part list:

i5 3550 (probably no overclock)
Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb ddr3 1333
500 gb hdd 7200 rpm
not sure about mobo yet
gtx 560 ti

If anyone could explain what I should look for, that would be awesome too!

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention, I have a budget of around $50-60. It's not firm though, but try to stay around that range.
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  1. this one is $60 after mir
    imo in 600w~ raqnge, better quality psus tend to cost more. such as corsair tx 650 v2, $69 after mir:
    last edit: deleted ocz psu.
  2. de5_Roy said:

    Sorry, I forgot to post my budget.
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