Low fps in all games

Hello all,

Having an issue with low fps in alot of games, im not massively knowledgable of the subject however I suspect my rig should perform far better, apologies if there is any info missin that I should have provided, ill start with my rigs spec so you guys know what im running with:

Point of View Gtx 560 ti 1gb 822 mhz
Amd Phenom ii x4 955 Black edition 3.2 ghz
Kingston 8gb ddr3 ram
500 gb WD hdd, not sure of speed

Basically some games (some being few) run very well, for example I can play Mass effect 2, Dragon age origins, Space marine and Arkham Asylum on Max settings at 1080p with like up to 16 x AA They run locked at 60 fps with vsync and with vsync forced off about 90 - 120 fps. Now here are some other fps results that make me worry:

Arkham CITY: 20 - 60 fps With dx 11 off and Physx Off at 1080p (Lag is present in even low resolutions) (Fps is like as low as 10 with Physx or dx 11 on)

(ALL GAMES TRIED ON 1080p but seem to have the same low fps dips even on like 800 x 600 in most cases even on low settings they lag)

Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood, Revelations: 30 - 50 fps (All three games run similar on my rig, which is why I grouped them)

Crysis 2: 20 - 30 fps on highest with the dx 11 and texture updates No AA or AF

Crysis 1 - 20 - 30 Fps on highest No AA or AF

Metro 2033: 20 - 40 fps on high no AA

Witcher 2: 30 - 40 fps on ultra with uber sampling off ( From what I hear this is quite reasonable performance for Witcher 2)

Dead rising 2 Highest settings no AA

Saints row the third: 30 - 40 On ultra at 1080p (On lowest it still dps into the 30 fps range)

MY Cpu and GPU USAGE Seems to drop in almost exact accordance with the FPS dips, like If i look up in saints row i get like 120 With 99 percent usage on gpu and like 50 - 60 percent on CPU ( i understand that this game like AC games isnt very good with utilizing processor power)

I also understand some of these are poorly optimized or ports etc, IS my computer running as it should and just havin issues with poorly optimized games like AC brotherhood or Saints row or is something wrong here?

I have tried various optimized settings for Nvidia control panel, (And made sure power mode was on Performance not adaptive)

Any help will be greatly appreciated, also if any info is missng or ive posted in the wrong place I do apologize, this is like the first forum ive posted on in years :)
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  1. Those don't seem too bad actually if they're all on ultra. You could try turning the AA from super sample to adaptive multi sample in your control center(not sure of what Nvidia's is called, ATI's is catalyst). That helped my frame rates jump up quite a bit.
  2. Cheers for the reply, unfortunately The ones Im having issue with have AA disabled (except Saints row, turning AA on or Off seems to make no diff in fps) - Should say aswell the issues dont go away even with lowered settings, Assassins creed games all still drop fps even on lowest settings, no AA and 800 x 600. Same with Saints Row and arkham city
  3. make sure your not forcing AA in the graphics control panel(right click the desktop).

    if you have ultra on all those games that doesnt look to out of the normal. your not going to get the frame rates that gpu could achieve on an intel system but those seem fine to me.
  4. What mobo do you have? You may want to OC your CPU; 3.6GHz should be possible without too much difficulty; see how much difference that makes.
  5. Defo not forcing AA, Forced it off just to check - Also I have tried the games not on ultra, on lowest even with virtually no improvement in performance, AC revelations on lowest at 800 x 600 runs 40 - 60 fps same with highest on 1080p. I tried OC to 3.6 and 3.8 cause ive got a decent cooler, and it made like no difference at all -

    @Cbrunnem Im considering buying an Asus board and an i5 2500k in March, do you think that will sort this out?

    @jtt283 my mobo is Gigabyte m68mt-s2p Not a great mobo, but I didnt think it could give me like low fps

    Thanks all
  6. The Intel change might make a difference or it might not. It depends on where the problem is coming from.
  7. Sorry if this is a daft question, what is whee lol?
  8. I pad was dying I meant where it is coming from.
  9. Ah lol, where else could the issue come from? I thought FPS was pretty much CPU + GPU's area, My hdd isnt great and dont think my ram is that good, not bad but alright - I dont mind pretty much upgrading any part of it? I dont think my 560 ti is the issue it seems to be pretty damn powerful when its running at proper usage
  10. The CPU is good and shouldn't be bottlenecking. The video card isn't the top of the line but should be able to run handle those games at least in lowest settings. You're saying it still lags though even with low settings and no AA on. The only other thing I can think of is maybe the PSU. What PSU do you have and what is the wattage? If it's a cheap PSU it might not be putting out what the company is claiming. This could be starving you're hardware of power.
  11. Actually, your mobo could indeed be part of why your system is slow. Its older hypertransport is only 1000MHz, compared to 2600MHz of more modern boards.
  12. @Rds1220 its a good Xigmatek 700w bud

    @jtt283 Ye reckon updatin my board and Cpu would benefit me then? I shall do so in March and post back to let you guys know if it sorts it out - If yer still checkin in March that is :D.

    Also if someone could shed some light on somethin for me, why does the 2500k seeem to completely outperform my phenom 955 be on games like Ac revelations, they have like similar clock speeds etc? - Im pretty low on CPU knowledge btw lol :(

    Thanks for all the replies guys :)
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