Problem with geforce6150se n force 430

hey there, im using problem with geforce6150se n force 430...and da graphic card mem says 287 mb...i dont have any idea abt da hardware problem is i am not able to play fifa09 or higher versions or any oder games like COD..when i try to play system shut downs suddenly..what do u think is the problem..plz find me a solution ..:(
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  1. sounds like a overheat but were gonna need some more info if were gonna help you
  2. ya what??
  3. i had a dbt of over heat and i removed the cover or cabin..but itstill happens..
  4. Try checking what temprature the card gets before it shutsdown
  5. and hwo do i do that??
  6. download GPU-Z and go to the Sensors tab
  7. You are using the 6150 onboard GPU to try to play your game? That IGP is not capable of playing modern games. What resolution is your monitor, and what brand and model (not just wattage) is your PSU? If your PSU is a cheap generic up to about 350W, you should still be able to add a HD6570 GPU to your system. If it is even a little better, you could use a HD6670.
  8. 1289*1024....the psu is UMAX..supports upto 450W.. RAm 1GB amd athlon 64*2 dual core processor
  9. That's a cheap generic, but like I said should be able to handle a HD6570. At your resolution, it should be able to play any game, some on lowered settings.
  10. wat do i do nw??shud i get a HD6570??
  11. 287 MB Total available graphics memory is what i saw in settings...i dont understand this graphic card stuff...can u be a bit clear about it....what does that sentence tell about the graphic card..??
  12. From your description, you do not have a separate graphics card. That is the amount of your system's memory being taken up by the integrated graphics processor on your motherboard.
  13. oh crap..all dese days i thought graphic card was wat do i do nw??
  14. It is "in-built," more or less, not a separate card. You should add a graphics card that is able to play your games. Although older games can be played on a $40-$50 HD6450, that card is more suitable for media, and I believe most people would suggest you need something considerably stronger to play modern games. Your PSU should be able to handle a HD6570, which you should be able to find for around $60-$65.
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