How to convert excel file 1997 to 2010

I cannot open my file from Excel 1997 even though I tried to used your suggested converter what is the appropriate thing to use for me to read my file completely ?
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  1. The Microsoft File Format Convertor only allow the opening of Office 2007 or 2010 files in earlier versions of Office. Your 1997 spreadsheet should open in 2010 without a problem unless M$ have barred really old versions from the new club. Can you please post back the error message you're seeing?

    If you have an urgent requirement to see that file, download OpenOffice which is free of charge and will work with your spreadsheet. Download it from

  2. Not sure if format converter will do it but if not open it in an office 2003 program then select save as office 2003 document, then open with office 2010 and select save as office 2010 document and you are good to go.

  3. Get Open Office.... Open it, then save it as multiple formats until Excel 2010 will accept it.

    Open Office is FREE
  4. ^+9000

    Try Open Office or Libre Office

    save it in xls, and you should be good. You might loose some of the formatting or Macros though if it's too far out there.
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