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I have recently been experiencing screen freezes, delay in actions versus key presses in the game SWTOR. This started to occur shortly after we had to make character transfers from the server we were on to another server in order for the company to consolidate populations. Never had this type of issue prior to the it happens all the time.

I recently updated my graphic driver but this occurred even before the driver update so I do not think it is associated with my driver. Also I see that many other folks in the same situation have the exact same problem. Everyone seems to agree that it appears to be a server side issue and not our own pc/modem/isp problem.

However, someone mentioned to me yesterday that I might want to also check my network adapter card. I have no idea what this item does because it was included in my pc when I had my pc built and no one else mentioned it.

What exactly does this mean? What does an adapter card do and does it have to have drivers updated too?
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    Hi :)

    The chances of it being the network card or adaptor are slim to non existent...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thank you very much...I appreciate your input.
  3. As Bret said, it's not the NIC. It's a server-side issue.
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