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Cpu/gpu goes to 100%

I have been facing this issue for some months now... at some random times(very often nowdays) the cpu and the gpu goes to 100% and the screen tears. I mean i dont know if its the right word but like black boxes appear all over the screen and soon after i get that Nvidia kernel failure message... if it happens repeatedly my pc hangs. Can someone please help me? Thanks in advance
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  1. Hmm. The first solution I'd personally use would be to reinstall windows, because that's the easiest way to wipe all driver related problems.

    If it's not an option to you, you could try reinstalling the driver..

    By the way, what's your system? List all components, including PSU.
  2. ok this is my config... im also attaching a picture of what happens to my screen(taken via my phone camera). Notice the spots throughout the screen. not any lines(due to camera). By the way, i have reinstalled my graphics drivers many times. It never seemed to correct the issue. Ive tried all drivers(old and new). I am currently on the latest.

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460(Driver Version:
    PSU: Zebronics Platinum 600W.
    Monitor: Acer V193HQL

  3. Looks like Graphics card is going. Is it still under warranty?

    If it's not, I'd reinstall windows, just to be sure.
  4. Hi Sunius, thanks for the reply.... i just observed something new. This sort of screen distortion happens sometimes during pre-boot(before windows has loaded) That is like the part where your motherboard logo comes up and where you can press 'Del' key to access BIOS settings.

    Well my first qn is.... Does the graphic card actually work at those initial periods of boot?(just to see if its a gfx card problem) because i know that it cant be windows problem because windows doesn't load until that windows logo appears.

    This is really hard for me to diagnose as it just confuses the hell out of me. Any help will be godsend :)
  5. I had this happen with my alienware laptop, the tech diagnosed it as the graphics card going as it was under warranty they replaced the faulty cards.
  6. @Jimm - thanks for the reply. I had a feeling it could be the gfx card too. But i just wanted to rule out other casues. I have still like 2.5 yrs waranty on the gfx card, but just wanted to be sure.

    and another funny point... sometimes when it crashes a lot while windows is on, i get BSOD(Blue screen error) but even that is Distorted :P

    Also could it be a ram or PSU problem?

    Sorry for my persistance.... but just want to be sure. Just dont want to get the gfx card replaced just to find it happen all over again. Thanks guys :)
  7. did you conntect both pcie power connectors properly?
    i haven't heard anything good about zebronic psus. what are the amps on its +12v rail?
    can you use a better, different psu and see if the problems go away?
  8. ya i have removed and connected both the Power Connectors many times. Ive made sure that its connected right. And the Amps on the +12V rails are 27A.
  9. try to update the graphics driver
  10. i Just did that last week like 6 days back
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    Looks to be the graphics card.... It will die soon from the looks. If you have made sure the power connectors are correct and correctly in place then I would say try putting the card into a different system. It is the only way to know for sure if it is the graphics card.
    I doubt it is a driver issue because it happens in the BIOS.
    If it still doesn't work correctly in the other system, then I would call and try to get it warrantied.

    Also, RAM issues will almost always give you a BSoD, and your power supply should be able to handle your system just fine.
  12. One more vote for bad graphics card. You may want to try to underclock the card to see if the symptoms disappear, since they are the same problems you get when you overclock the GPU. You may be able to drop it 100mhz and it may clean up. Another thing to check is the PCIe clock. Make sure in BIOS its set to manual and 100mhz, or is Locked.
  13. Yup, im at a point where im almost convinced its my graphics card cause now when that problem comes its accompanied by color changes too like all weird pink/green/blue shades....
  14. @festerovic will do the things you suggested...
  15. the color shades thing may be your cable isnt situated in the slot just right. Give it a jiggle while you watch the screen.
  16. Sell card for $120 and buy a GTx 560 Ti :D...
  17. i did a lot of observation i tried putting in another gfx card.... and i concluded that it is 99% Gfx problem... think maybe it got over heated or something. Anyways its under warranty so i think i could get it replaced/fixed.

    Thanks to all you guys for responding/answering and giving me some direction.
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