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  1. The second CPU sensor and the motherboard sensor are obviously wrong and false readings. There's no way that they could be 154C.

    Also, the other temps look just fine. Nothing to worry about, just false readings.
  2. see if open hardware monitor reads the same..if it does it reading chipset temp and the sensor may be bad.
  3. NVM>
  4. stewie1million said:
    Ok i got a different program(coretemp) and now i get these results... http://i.1dl.us/vqv.png
    This program doesnt shot the second cpu like the first one... reason?

    Core Temp just shows the core temps, not other temps, so that's one reason, but the 154C CPU and mobo temp from SpeedFan is probably just a non-existent sensor or one that SpeedFan doesn't recognize.

    You're good to go, it looks like to me. Just ignore the 154C temps.
  5. Ok thanks.
  6. You're welcome. :)
  7. DJDeCiBel is right. You're fine.
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